Karen Lynne Sorensen Johnson County Resident and Satisfied Customer

  • It started as a drip along a pipe in the basement that leads to the shut-off valve for the water. Then, the drip turned into a steady stream and soaked the carpet and walls. Finally, I was bailing water and mold was moving in. Did I try to find a solution? You bet, beginning with the first drop. No one knew the answer. Not a property manager, a maintenance crew, two certified plumbers, hardware store personnel, friends, relatives, anyone who would listen. Finally I asked the opinion of a Wastewater employee who had experience with the county's flood program. Tope Plumbing saved me! So, what happened? Years ago when the duplex was built, construction workers crossed the water lines to the meters. In other words, when the water meter that is located in front of the flooded north side was tested, the meter indicated a normal reading. After Tope Plumbing tested the water meter in front of the south side, there was a leak. A big leak! Case solved!