tips and tricks!

1. Run the dishwasher and the washing machine only when they are full.
2. Don't prerinse dishes before loading the dishwasher. You'll save as much as 20 gallons a load, or 6,500 gallons per year! Tests show that prerinsing doesn't improve cleaning.
3. When your dishload is small fill the sink and wash them by hand. Don't use paper towels to dry your hands! Use a cloth towel or use your shirt. I like the last choice myself.
4. Wash vegetables and fruits in a bowl or basin wish a small amount of water and a brush, don't let the water just run down the drain.
5. Use recycled water on your plants. Such as.. water from boiled eggs, tea kettles, and that dirty water from the fruit or vegetable you just washed.
6. Steam vegetables instead of boiling them. Besides using less water you will be leaving more vitamins in the food.
7. chill water in the refrigerator instead of letting it run until it gets cold. You could get a filter and mount it right to the end of the faucet if your concerned about particles from your waterlines getting into your drink.
8. Defrost your frozen food in the refrigerator instead of a sink full of water. Plan ahead.
9. Fix your plumbing leaks! Plumbing leaks as a whole account for 14 percent of water consumedin the home, according to a study sponsored by the American Water Works Association. Check your toilet to see if its letting water seep away by putting food coloring in the tank and letting it sit for several hours. You should not see any color in the actual bowl unless you have a leak or someone flushed it.
10. Don't use your toilet as a waste basket.
11. Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth.
12. Fill the sink up a little when your shaving. Don't let the water just run down the drain.
13. Take shorter showers or even better would be to turn off the water while your lathering.
14. With some of the older toilets you can use an old gallon jug of milk and fill it with water and put it in your toilet tank. This would save one gallon per flush!
15. Install watersavers in your faucets and showerheads. This could all easily be done by yourself.
16. Make sure you have no drippy faucets. Check the outside hose faucets too.
17. Never leave your hose attached to your faucet if the temperature will get below freezing. This could cause your freeze proof outside faucet to leak quite severely.
18. Put spray nozzles on your hoses so you don't let the water waste away in the yard while your not using it.
19. If you use a sprinkler get one that uses large droplets instead of a mist or spray. There will be less evaporation.
20. Use a sprinkler timer if you want to water your lawn. This will save a lot of water in the long run.
21. Water during the coolest part of the day to reduce evaporation.
22. Don't water when its windy. Reduce evaporation.
23. Adjust your lawnmower to cut grass to a height of 3 inches or more. Taller grass encourages deeper root growth and shades the soil preventing moisture loss.
24. Sweep your driveways or sidewals off instead of using the hose to blow the dirt away.
25. Consider buying a rain barrel to catch rainwater for watering your plants.
26. Consider drip irrigation.
27. Consider a rock garden instead of a plant garden. Nothing to water here.
28. If you have a pool use a cover to prevent evaporation. Not to mention child safety.